Join our Fund Development Committee

Join our Fund Development Committee

The Canadian Dupuytren Society is currently seeking a member to join our Fund Development Committee


The Canadian Dupuytren Society (CDS) was incorporated and received charitable status in 2015.  Dupuytren’s disease is a chronic disease that produces a benign thickening of the connective tissue, or fascia, of the palm and fingers. Eventually, string-like cords may develop beneath the skin and, if the condition progresses, the affected fingers are pulled towards the palm and cannot be straightened. This condition is then known as Dupuytren’s contracture.The Board of Directors is comprised of volunteers from cities across Canada. The society isis in the early stages of a startup. The Objectives of the Canadian Dupuytren Society (CDS) are:

  1. To promote health by leading the fight against Dupuytren’s disease (DD) in Canada by helping people with DD live a healthy and functional life while we work to find a cure;
  2. To promote health by helping to find the best possible care and treatment available for the people suffering from DD and related Ledderhose Disease (LD);
  3. To advance education related to DD and LD by providing current services and educational materials to the public;
  4. To promote health by encouraging the search for the underlying causes and subsequent cures of DD and LD.


The Board is currently seeking a hands-on volunteer Fund Development Committee member who may ultimately take on the role of Chair of the Fund Development Committee.  All of our Board and committee members have experienced Dupuytren’s disease either themselves or through a friend or family member.  We are hopeful the new candidate has a similar experience which will add another personal connection to the team. The ideal candidate would have a strong background in a not-for-profit environment specifically in fund development.   The innovative individual would be self-motivated and able to operate independently without a lot of direction.  Having experience in a start-up fund development scenario would be very beneficial.  Key items of focus are:

  • Develop and implement an early stage and recurrent fund development plan for CDS;
  • Research and write grant proposals, reports and other correspondence for prospective and current funders including government, foundations and business.


The Board of Directors and Committees conduct meetings via teleconferencing.  The proactive committee work is the current key priority.  As the Society activities are across Canada, possessing strong language skills in both English and French would be an asset.

We are excited to accept applications for this position by submitting a maximum 2-page CV highlighting your experience and qualifications including:

  • Business/work experience specifically with respect to funding development;
  • Previous not-for-profit board experience.

Submit your CV and cover letter to

Subject line:  CDS Fund Development position

Salary: Unpaid

Location and territory: Canada

Organization Size: Under $500M

Organization Type: Not-for-Profit

Sector: Medical & Healthcare